Protecting Historic Community Greenspace in Jackson, WY

Our Mission:

Permanently Protect the Genevieve Block.

Join Save the Block Campaign for our one-time shot to put the historic Genevieve Block of Jackson, WY, into permanent protection, preserving a critical cultural, historic, community, and downtown green space.

In August, it could be gone forever.


How We’ll Do It

A development spanning the entire block from Broadway to Deloney is only the most recent plan for the future of this block. You have spoken out and identified this space as a critical contributor to our town culture, history and downtown greenspace.

In a turn of fate, we as a community have a short but amazing opportunity to purchase the entire block and protect a portion of it forever. Community support and committed organizations will help our dollars and our mission go far for the benefit of everyone.


1 block

historic character & community greenspace

An important part of our town’s story and character, this block represents the true heart of a historic and green Jackson Hole.

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needed to raise to purchase the historic and Greenspace Easements

Even $1 is a show of a support for this incredible community effort.


Aug. 4

fundraising Deadline

We said we wanted to save it, now is our last chance. We have a long way to go, and a short time to get there.


Click a video below to hear voices of preservation from our community