Who is involved in this project?

A local family, who wishes to remain anonymous, has the property under contract to provide an opportunity for the community. The Jackson Hole Land Trust is providing support on the acquisition. Numerous groups representing historical preservation, green space protection, and community character are helping drive the vision for this project. 

What community elements of the block will this project preserve?

This all depends on the level of community support we can generate. We need significant funding. The core project is committed to protecting the greenspace and historic character of the block. Further preservation is the goal, but adequate financial resources will ultimately make this a reality.

Why are you asking for a change in zoning?  Isn’t this just another development proposal?

The acquisition price means that we have to find ways to offset some costs. Given that the preservation elements limit where that development can take place, we are requesting a change in zoning that allows us to minimize the development footprint while recouping enough costs to make the project feasible. There is not a profit motive associated with this plan, we are completely driven by a desire to see a community outcome.

What happens to my donation if the Save Genevieve project isn’t completed?

Cash donations raised for the Save Genevieve campaign will be held in a designated account and disbursed only if the Save Genevieve campaign is successful. If this campaign is not successful, the Jackson Hole Land Trust will provide you with the opportunity to receive a refund of your donation or redirect your donation to other Jackson Hole Land Trust efforts.

How can I help?

We need as many donors to this project as possible. While we are committed to protecting as much of this block as possible, the amount of that protection is far from a sure thing. To put it simply, the more money we raise, the more green space and historic preservation we will get. We are looking to the community to step up and support this in any way you can.

How else can I support this?

This project will be going through a public process and we need community support. We will hold a neighborhood meeting on April 26th to discuss our plans. Please come out to that meeting to learn more and voice your support.